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About Petra Navel

Hello. I am Petra Navel.


I am passionate about helping Senior Business Professionals master Speaking skills in Business English so they can create better careers in the International environment.

In other words it is a great pleasure to help you enjoy your language journey and become confident in speaking English in business.


When I am not coaching a client on- or offline, working on my sessions or business you'll find me playing with or running after my daughter.

I love Zumba dancing, Fitness dance and when I have some time reading a book.

Going to the theatre is another great passion of mine as well as travelling - especially to Ireland.


 I used to work in customer service when I had finished my apprenticeship as industrial clerk. After a few years I realized that I didn't want to work in this job my whole life.

Meet Petra Navel, your trainer at English2Business

So, I decided to complete my A-levels and work for some time abroad. I found a job as investigator and worked with Citibank N.A. in Dublin (Ireland). Afterwards I studied English language and literature in Osnabrück (Germany).


Now, I work as a Neurolanguage Coach ®* (accredited by the International Coach Federation) in the Business English sector and support you on your way to becoming a confident communicator.


Furthermore you also profit from my experience in working in an International team with International clients as well as acquiring the language for business at the same time.

Surely you will hear some funny stories and anecdotes about cultural differences, false friends etc.


I am excited about every single new client because it means to empower a talented person to speak up in business.


"Interesting and motivating way of learning"

Thank you for an interesting and motivating way of learning to speak English. Speaking about topics from job and everyday life to practice Grammar was very helpful and interesting. Splitting the sessions into vocabulary, grammar and business language helped us to make good progress in all three areas. The vocabulary competition made the session start interesting.


Dagmar F., Quality management representative,

Sascha H., Head of production planning,


About Frank Navel

I started in the field of International Funds Transfer in Dublin, Ireland in the 90s and was simply fascinated by how much work one can get done by having good and solid English language skills in an International business environment.

I dreamt of sharing my passion and joy communicating in English with as many other professionals in and outside Germany as possible. So I participated in Overseas Teachers courses in Ireland and the UK to train as a professional and competent Business English Trainer and later also Business German Trainer.

Today I consult and train Business English, Technical English and Business German.

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