Business English Coaching

Struggling to speak up in business with confidence and ease? Here is how our coaching can help.

Whom is it for:

  • You are a senior business professional with a medium language level who forgets vocabulary and lacks fluency when you suddenly have to speak in English in a business situation
  • It isn‘t easy to speak English freely when you don‘t use the language every day, and now you have to improve quickly to take the next step in your career.
  • Understanding your business partner is challenging and sometimes content gets lost in a conversation and misunderstandings occur
  • You feel overwhelmed when you have to discuss Business issues with a native speaker
  • Dealing with business partners from different cultures in English is stressful

Business German Training

Speaking German with confidence and ease

  • Do you wish to speak the language that surrounds you in your daily work with confidence and ease?
  • Do you want to get to know techniques and strategies to motivate yourself further
  • Would you like to establish a profound understanding of Germany and the Germans?