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Speak with confidence in business

A work book for business professionals. 


The book consists of two parts: intercultural competence and business English skills required in the international arena.


Its purpose is to equip you with these skills and help you to become a more confident international speaker of English in business.


Each chapter is a stand-alone and includes a worksheet to reinforce the content discussed.


Audios and listening exercises complement some chapters.


Smart Language Planner

This is #1 way to learn a language even if you have a busy schedule

The Smart Language Planner is a tool for language learners who want to improve their language skills and become confident communicators.


Sometimes it can be challenging to become a confident communicator. Especially when you have a demanding job and not much time to learn a language.


This planner helps you to set smart goals and break big tasks like learning work-realted vocabulary into smaller ones.


Price: € 13,99 (inkl. VAT + shipping costs)