Business English & Deutsch Coaching

für Fach- und Führungkräfte

Führen Sie internationale Geschäftsgespräche entspannt und sicher

Stellen Sie sich vor, dass es sogar Spass machen kann berufsbezogene Gespräch in der Fremdsprache zu führen. Geschäftspartner aus anderen Kulturen kennen zu lernen und ein vertrauensvolles Verhältnis zu ihnen aufzubauen. Die eigene Persönlichkeit durch das Lernen einer Sprache etwas weiterzuentwickeln.

In unseren Coachings bestärken wir Sie darin, aus Ihren Fehlern zu lernen und so sicher auf Englisch oder Deutsch zu sprechen. Ihre Argumente flüssig und selbstbewusst rüberzubringen.


Durch spontanes Sprechen bauen Sie Ihr Selbstbewusstsein auf und werden so sicher wie in Ihrer Muttersprache.

Wir unterstützen Sie dabei Ihre Ziele zu erreichen.

Petra Navel, Business English Coach & Frank Navel, Deutsch und Englisch Coach
English2Business: Petra Navel + Frank Navel

"Ongoing feeling of success"

My situation was that I relatively often have to talk in English which is okay for me. Due to the Coronavirus, it stopped, so this Business English course was for me a good possibility to keep talking and also to learn some new things and to talk about things I regularly don’t do in my job.


So, I expand my vocabulary for sure and that was good for me.

The main profit for me was to keep going to talk in English, expand my vocabulary and learn some formal things.


I liked that it was always a good atmosphere, friendly and funny with some jokes. It is always good to learn something about your colleagues in a different setting. This is always interesting.


My motivation was I wanted, and I have improved my English. It was also fine is to get out of the job for a while just to do something entirely different. And then to start again totally motivated. This was good.


I haven’t had this one moment where I said now I got it. It was a more ongoing feeling of success which is also good.


Thomas Biewener, CFO, VALO BioMedia GmbH

"Exellent German = promotion"

I started my coaching with Frank in August 2018. Although I had studied German from 2012, I never had the opportunity to speak to people on a professional level because I spoke only English. 

I could talk / understand only around 30% of B1 level German with a very weak grammar although, I was certified to  possess more knowledge.


Frank‘s unique method of coaching lies in the fact that he can tailor his skills to perfectly fit the strengths of the customer.

Instead of the traditional approach of reading from a book and doing exercises, Frank insisted on speaking and listening exercises. I spoke for hours at a stretch while Frank used to rectify my grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary from time to time. In this unique way I learnt to talk in consistent German whilst keeping true to my personality.


Frank‘s punctuality, discipline and professionalism has motivated me to pursue my own journey to develop these qualities. I am not just learning German but many other important qualities which are most important for a human being. Frank is not just a good German trainer but also a motivating person - a role model for someone who is aspiring to be great professionally, linguistically and personally.


My official achievement arrived when my line manager remarked that my German is „Excellent“ and that the meeting „could be held in German since Arjun can talk better German than us Germans speaking English“.


This was followed by a promotion which paved the way for me to take up my job without supervision, which involves answering phone calls in German, writing Email‘s in german and talking to blue collar workers in German.


Arjun Shanmukam, Engineer TEC-Centre, Faun Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co KG