How to thrive in your career through valuable speaking skills. And how our training and coaching helps.

Your trainers: Petra und Frank Navel at English2business

Learn Business English or German

We help Business Professionals master speaking skills in Business English and German so they can create better careers in the international environment.


We will walk you through every step on your language journey:

from building your language strategy to creating a solid language base and becoming a confident communicator.

Intercultural communication is an important part of our work because of all the different cultures you need to communicate with in your daily business life.

We offer you one on one coaching or group courses.

Enjoy learning Business English or German with us.

 "Free and spontaneous speaking improves my communication skills."

We started our coaching with deficits in understanding native speakers, small talk and business conversation. With free and spontaneous speaking in different and difficult situations I become more and more confident in business communication.

Additionally, to listen to yourself is a good possibility to reflect on your speaking skills.


René Rockstroh, Head of plant planning department,  Faun Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG

"Successfull refresher"

Thank you for the successful refresher of my existing English language skills. Super training, great exercises, absolutely recommended! Thanks for everything Petra


Tobias Barthels,  Betriebsleiter und  Prokurist bei Prae-Aero GmbH & Co. KG

Intercultural communication: when I first started working in Ireland, I had no real understanding of the subtleties of this kind of communication. But, as I quickly learned, what you don’t know can hurt you.

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Do you ever feel impatient when communicating with different cultures in business?

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Can I tell you something? It surprises me a little that some clients think they can translate their business communication directly into English and assume they’ll be successful business people in English.

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