Business English Coaching

Struggling to speak up in business with confidence and ease? Here is how our coaching can help.


  •  It isn‘t easy to speak English freely when you don‘t use the language every day, and now you have to improve quickly to take the next step in your career.
  •  Understanding your business partner is challenging and sometimes content gets lost in a conversation and misunderstandings occur
  • You feel overwhelmed when you have to discuss business issues with a native speaker
  • Dealing with business partners from different cultures in English is stressful
Business English Coaching with ENGLISH2BUSINESS


“Intercultural competence is a true benefit”

The course was harmonized with my previous knowledge. A lot of discussions accomplished practical relevance. I would like to mention Intercultural competence as a true benefit which helped me immediately in my daily work. The coaching fitted 100%.


Ralf Heukrodt, Group Quality Manager, EPLAX GmbH – A Powerbox Company

Goals and Benefits:

  • Build solid language strategies
  •  Become as confident as in your native language
  • Speak Business English freely and fluently
  • Learn how to build strong and lasting international business relationship
  • Use small talk with ease
  • Communicate politely and diplomatically
  • Reflect on your language habits
  • Flexible time schedules


"Individual arrangement”

In particular, I value the individual arrangement of Business English Coaching. Combining Small talk, Intercultural competence – harmonized with my daily professional challenges and personal interests.


Kerstin Lohöfer, Geschäftsleitung Pll Projekt-Logistik GmbH

How it works:


I am a certified and accredited Neurolanguage Coach®* and follow the principles of coaching, as defined by the International Coaching Federation, in my coaching sessions. This ensures that a coaching programme contains the criteria mentioned below:


  • Before the coaching I offer you a free trial session. In this session we discuss your objectives, define your personalised coaching programme and language strategy
  • The sessions are tailored to meet your needs according to your individual learning style and with regards to your time schedule. This ensures an efficient and sustainable way of coaching.    
  • Personalised feedback through and after each session, regular goal review and reflection questions and exercises show your learning progress.
  • You’ll get a coaching that combines elements from coaching such as a structured coaching process, models with goal setting, brain-friendly learning techniques and motivation in a Business English context.
  •  For an Online Coaching session you need a computer with Internet access, a microphone and a webcam.



*regeisterd US and European trademark under the name of Rachel Marie Paling



"Free and spontaneous speaking improves my communication skills."

We started our coaching with deficits in understanding native speakers, small talk and business conversation. With free and spontaneous speaking in different and difficult situations I become more and more confident in business communication.

Additionally, to listen to yourself is a good possibility to reflect on your speaking skills.


René Rockstroh, Head of plant planning department, Faun Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG