02. Dezember 2020
A lot of my students hope to become fluent in Business English so that they can communicate as competently as in their native language at work. Sure it is an important aim because who wants to struggle in a conversation in business?
21. Oktober 2020
Does your cultural background influence the way you communicate in business conversations?

24. September 2020
Intercultural communication: when I first started working in Ireland, I had no real understanding of the subtleties of this kind of communication. But, as I quickly learned, what you don’t know can hurt you.
02. September 2020
Do you ever feel impatient when communicating with different cultures in business?

13. August 2020
Can I tell you something? It surprises me a little that some clients think they can translate their business communication directly into English and assume they’ll be successful business people in English.
21. Juli 2020
You are going to meet an important client who promises a big contract on your lead product but feel uncomfortable about it. You have met him a couple of times but there is something about your communication that doesn‘t work and you can‘t describe it.

03. Juli 2020
Business is business, whatever language you speak - so why should I care about my client's culture?"
12. Juni 2020
I admit it. My dream was always to live abroad, dive into a new culture and earn my living. As soon as I completed my A-levels I hopped on a plane to Dublin (Ireland) with nothing but an oral job-offer as investigator for an international bank in my pocket.

29. Januar 2019
Welcome to your next career step. With English2Business you can boost your communication skills and take your language to a new level.