This is how you create a business English routine and follow it.

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Every Tuesday and Thursday, I post on LinkedIn.

I go Zumba dancing and practice Fitness dance on Monday and Tuesday evenings. 


What‘s that got to do with Business English?



If you want an effective Business English routine, make it a habit you don’t have to think about.


One of my habits is to read a book in English every day for at least 10 minutes, mostly longer. I don’t need to think about it because I like it so much that I take the time to do it. It is like a treat for me.

You could do the same. The important thing is that you like what you’re doing. For example, maybe you like listening to podcasts on your way to work or reading the news in English in the morning.


Once you make your new habit a part of your routine, it is like getting up for work every morning at the same time.

You set your alarm clock in the evening, get up in the morning, shower, have breakfast, and go to work.


You no longer think about one single step of this routine.


The same applies to your Business English learning process. 


You may have some time during your lunch break or on your way to work when you can spare time for English. In the evening, you could also enjoy a movie in English with your partner.

Find a habit you enjoy and make it a part of your routine…..


Make the time you put in doable.


I have fixed times that I blog for writing. It is important for me to work on it step by step, even if it is just for 10 minutes. When you don’t feel overwhelmed by the task, it seems easier and more doable. The same goes for your Business English practice.

You need to schedule time in your calendar when you know you can practice your English. It works well for me. Ideally, 10 minutes every day.

For example, you could listen to an English-speaking radio program during breakfast. You may not understand much at the beginning but don‘t worry. It gets better step by step every day.


Decide exactly how you will practice during the time you have


Try one of the following:

Read newspaper articles or a book, listen to an English-speaking radio program, watch a movie in English, etc. These practices are ideal for developing a routine to review vocabulary,

Notice that your chosen practice activity should fit your schedule and life. Do you have 10 minutes on your commute on the train? Review vocabulary flashcards or read a book. 


Do you have a workout planned? Can you listen to a podcast while you walk or work out on the elliptical machine?

Do you have a few hours to wind down? Why not watch that film you’ve wanted to see--in English?




Some of my clients have strengthened their Business English by reading 10 minutes of the news in English every morning. Others listen to audiobooks while they are out jogging.

They have built these habits into their daily routines and benefit from it with better English.

After a while, you will notice that you have developed a routine and a specific fitness in your English communication at work.


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